Softphone Configuration

This guide details the steps required to configure the Go Connect inbuilt Softphone

Note:Terminal Services / Citrix are not supported with Go Connect Softphone.

  • A valid Extension and Password must be configured in the PBX Configuration. See example (from Panasonic NS1000):Valid softphone extension and password

Audio settings must be configured on the Go Connect Server Configuration tool, under "Equipment" > "Advanced"

Related topic:Advanced settings

  • A Go Connect Softphone License must be available for each Go Connect Softphone user in the License Serial on the Go Connect Server
  • Go ConnectClient Configuration > Telephony

    In this example:

    • Extension has been entered as "4205"
    • The SIP Password for extension 4205 has been entered

      Softphone configuration example
  • Audio Settings must be configured on the Client Settings:

    • Select "Microphone", "Headset" and "Ringer" from available audio devices in the menus
    • The "Network Card" must be selected from the detected network adapters
    • Echo Cancellation should be set to the user's preference
    • Available codecs can be enabled/disabled as required

      Audio window

Multiple audio devices can be selected and the software will attempt to use whatever audio device is available based on the order they are listed in.

'Options' and 'Codecs' should be left on their default settings unless your system administrator tells you otherwise.

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