Access and Licensing

Once the Go Connect Server has been installed, and a "Charting" license has been applied to your serial number, go to an internet browser of your choice and enter the IP address of your Go Connect Server followed by ":21080/BI/index.htm". For example: To check what license type you have, go to the Go Connect Server -> Classic menu -> Enterprise -> Licensing screen and scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Here you can check all license types assigned to your serial number.

Logging in

Once you have connected to Business Intelligence you will be prompted for the username and password.

If you do not know these credentials you configure them on the Go Connect Server. Please navigate to Go Connect Server -> Classic menu -> Enterprise -> Users -> click on "Add" or "Edit", enter user "Short name", "Password" then fill in all of the relevant details and click "Save". "Short name" is the equivalent of the "username" and so is the "Password" equivalent of the "Password" on the Business Intelligence.

Configuring the credentials
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