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Main menu: Click on this button to open up the "Criteria" and "Filters" menu option. Here you can configure and define the format you want the call information data to be presented in.

Refresh button

Refresh button: Click on the "Refresh" button to updated data.

Maximize button

Maximize chart: Click on this button, if you want the chart to be in full screen mode.

Hover over Chart: If you hover over one of the parameters displayed below that chart (e.g. Day of week "Monday", as presented on Figure 1) you will see that the corresponding section of the chart will be highlighted. The rest of the data will be dimmed to help you clearly identify the data you are interested in. Depending on the type of chart you are looking at (and the data defined in Date range, Series 1, Series 2 and Values criteria), the information that you are interested in will be presented to you in a different format (see examples, Figure 2 and 3). For more information on charts please see Chart type section.

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


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Password: Enter your new password.

Confirm password: Confirm your new password.

Your current password: Enter current password to authorize this change.

Change: Hit this button to apply the changes.

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